Google testing different colors in star rating for local search

We all webmasters are familiar with the orange color star ratings, which come up with the Google search results. In general visitor form an opinion based on the ratings, with full five bright orange stars reflect the superlative degree. It seems Google has started believing in ‘change being the only constant’ idea. In the recent times we have seen several changes brought about by Google, latest being the star colors.  Such as


Here are nice screen shots from Rubén Gómez:

Google testing differant colors rating stars

Blue stars ratings

Google testing differant colors rating stars

Red stars

It appears search results are still orange for most users. However, the Google experiments news blog All Google Testing says users can enable these tests by inserting updated code into their browsers.

Its not official announcement but experts firmly believe that  orange color rating will be only used for Google ads and green for organic search results .

google business ratings

Google business ratings


Google released its official robots.txt checker tool

Google has released an updated robots.txt testing tool in Webmaster Tools. The tool can be found in the Crawl section.


new robots.txt checker tool

new robots.txt checker tool

As Google’s Asaph Amon, described about the tool. “To guide your way through complicated directives, it will highlight the specific one that led to the final decision. You can make changes in the file and test those too, you’ll just need to upload the new version of the file to your server afterwards to make the changes take effect. Our developers site has more about robots.txt directives and how the files are processed.”


test for robot blocks

“Additionally, you’ll be able to review older versions of your robots.txt file, and see when access issues block us from crawling,” Amon explains. “For example, if Googlebot sees a 500 server error for the robots.txt file, we’ll generally pause further crawling of the website.”